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Hello, this site is dedicated to the Axis Deer and the outstanding venison they produce.  From the unparrelled taste to the heart wise characteristics of a .2% fat red meat.              

Axis Deer (Chital):

  • Native of India 
  • Pervasive in many parts of the US
  • Cold intolerant
  • Produce Venison with .2% fat content
  • Considered Fat Free by the USDA
  • Live to be between 8 - 15 yrs
  • Product Antlers on an annual basis
  • Does produce 1 fawn every 9 months
  • Exotic that can be hunted year round

Over time this site will be built out to educate venison lovers and eventually provide a cost effective Axis Venison product.

Thank you for visiting the site and check back often.

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